General Ball Valves

Series 25 Direct Mount 2-Piece Full Port Ball Valve

Direct Mount 2-Piece Full Port Ball Valve

Series 25 (Formerly ED-205MF)


Size Range : 1/4”- 3”
Valve Material : Stainless Steel
End Connections : Threaded
Seat Material : Reinforced Teflon
Port Size : Full Port
Ball and Stem Material : Stainless Steel

Investment cast benefits high quality casting
Anti-blowout stem as standard for greater safety
Fully traceable materials
ISO 5211 mounting pad for double acting & spring return actuator
Actuator mounting conforms to ISO 5211 for easy automation
Self-adjusting stem packing assembly with Belleville spring for temperature fluctuations, vibration and is secured
Stem seal is with 45 angle against body,which increases tighting
Service Application : Hydraulic,Chemical,Steam,Oil/Gas,Oxygen,Vacuum
Face-to-face dimensions complied with DIN3202-M3
Safety/Quality Approvals
ISO 9001; PED 2014/68/EU
File download
Series 25 Direct Mount 2-Piece Full Port Ball Valve - SIL 3 Capable (PDF)
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